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It’s not real hair. You lied to your fans Kaz, everyone hates you.

You suck.


It is too real hair! It’s just not my hair. There’s a difference! Although you wouldn’t know, what with not having any. I lied for like, a week! You lied to them about series 8 for months, so there, Smithers.

I don’t suck, I mean I do, I mean I don’t… shut up!


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  1.  aboxofkaz said: "I would say something disgusting like ‘I would run my hands through your stupid hair’ but you don’t HAVE hair!"



SHUT UP OH MY GOD. I have hair! It just… comes off sometimes.


I’m still ginger. And you’re still stupidfaced, soooo…


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Morning Messes.


It had been a terrible mistake ever even letting Karen get as close as she was now. Not just at that moment, with her hands practically in his pants, but her position in their entire phase in general. Matt had let her see a slightly weaker side to him, one she could easily reduce him to, and had consequently given her an upper hand she hadn’t had before. She knew he had a weakness now - primarily, her - and their mutual experimentation and exploration of each other had given her chance to learn him, and learn just how to use that weakness to the best of her advantage.

Catching him by surprise was one method, leaving him immobile and mute for a few moments. And by the time he’d recovered enough to speak, her hands were already on his skin, skimming lower than was really deemed acceptable and sucking the speech right from his throat again. He almost let his guard down completely, submitting to the thought of turning up an hour late and dragging Karen back into his flat to tear what was left of the clothing right off of her, but she’d plucked his phone from his pocket before he could process the muscle memory to grab her. 

All he could do then was gulp, watching in abject horror as she scrolled through his phone and read his texts. It wasn’t as though he had anything to hide; for one, she wasn’t his girlfriend, so he wouldn’t have to explain any texts between himself and other women, but it was still somewhat agonising watching her smirk when she found last nights’ texts. Hearing her read them aloud was another thing completely. They were meant to be private - admittedly between him and her - but having them verbalised made them sound all the more filthy and inappropriate. He squeezed his eyes shut, and breathed a sigh of relief when she stopped.

Just to add insult to injury, he opened his eyes just in time to see her slip the phone into her coat, holding it just out of his reach, and making it even more unreachable throughout the day unless he man-handled her for it on set. He doubted she’d leave it in the coat when she got changed in her trailer, and if the phone was hidden in her bra, well, there wasn’t really much he could do at work to get it back without arousing suspicion. It wasn’t every day co-stars had their hands in the others’ underwear while they were at the workplace, so he didn’t really know how he’d explain himself.

Karen ambled away victoriously then though, casting him a smirk before turning her back completely. Matt groaned audibly, running his hands over his face to compose himself, before taking a deep breath and following after her. Her words floated into his ears not a moment later, and he had to roll his eyes; he was a man of his word. “I’d rather we re-contract this ‘slavery’,” he muttered. “I’ll be your slave for a day. You can pick which?” he suggested, hoping she’d be at least a little bit lenient. He had let her borrow a shirt, after all.

It was interesting, and if she were to be completely honest, fun even. How there were a few things that she knew, that she had learned over the past few days. Even when, at a time she supposed she had known everything she would have needed to. And, granted, she didn’t need to know any of these things. The sound when she could feel her skin against his own, the perfectly worded sentence that could send that resolve of his crumbling within seconds. She didn’t need any of it, obviously, but it certainly felt beneficial to learn.

It was the very things she’d never even let herself think about, the very things she was never supposed to have any knowledge of. That had gone out the window in what had honestly felt like weeks, the moment she’d felt his hands against her curves and his lips against her skin. He was a weakness and a challenge, but over the last few days that challenge had brought out the competitive side of her, greatly outweighing those weaknesses in her own eyes. Plus, Matt had always been on his top game when it came to relentless teasing, but being the one to knock him off guard would always be enjoyable, she imagined.

Her voice drifted quietly around them, her light tone engulfing and surrounding them as her eyes stayed glued to his mobile, a grin quirked perfectly across her lips. Her fingers held his phone in a light grasp, grabbing onto the device just enough so it wouldn’t go tumbling out of her hands (and also enough so he couldn’t take her by surprise and slip it out of her grasp) though still wrapping gingerly around it. Finally, her eyes left the screen as the texts he had sent her eventually left her lips. She noted with a triumphant smirk the look on his face as his eyes fell upon hers seconds later.

She let out a soft laugh, ringing as it fell from her throat, as she wrapped her fingers more firmly around the phone. Her gaze didn’t waver, nor did it move, as the message screen eventually faded back into the home screen before she lifted her opposite hand away. Her expression flickered the slightest bit as her fingers crawled up the collar of her coat, tugging lightly at the material and letting the phone rest against her chest before pulling at it again. With one more fleeting smile, she had passed him for the lift. It wasn’t far, and as she reached it and pressed the down button, his voice was drafting through the corridor.

A smirk flitted onto her lips, her eyes falling onto his with a quirk of her eyebrows. She watched him for a moment, no words leaving her lips, her gaze intent for several silent seconds, but she could see the uneasiness her gaze left him. She bit her lip lightly, her faint still spread across her lips. Karen cocked her head to the side slightly, her tongue running over her drying lips before she opened her mouth again, hesitating before speaking up. “And why should I agree to that?” She mused, forcing back a soft laugh somewhere in her throat. “As I remember, you weren’t the one who was drunk, hm? Frankly, I think I should be getting more out of this offer.”

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Morning Messes.


Matt merely gave her an amused smirk as they stood in the hallway, him pulling on his coat as she waited patiently with her hands in her trench coat’s pockets. He shrugged the coat onto his shoulders, pocketing his phone and his wallet, before giving Karen a broad, almost cheesy grin as he stepped outside, holding the front door open. She gave her final, teasing remark, forcing his eyebrows to raise slightly in amused surprise, before stepping out into the corridor as he shut the door to lock it. She waited quietly, again, as he turned his key in the lock, before dropping the key into his back pocket and prompting her to start walking ahead.

“…Yes. That is so,” he muttered cautiously, meeting her eyes as they walked with slight apprehension. Her tone had dropped slightly, dangerously bordering on a seductive purr he wasn’t quite prepared for. He needed to stay calm before work. She was doing him no favours, but he didn’t have the restraint in him to tell her to back off just yet. It didn’t help that they were completely alone in the corridor - everyone else that lived on his floor was either inside their flats, asleep, or away on a holiday or elsewhere. Either way, none were in sight. It gave Karen the perfect chance for an ambush, and Matt was keen to stay on his toes.

But she pounced without warning, suddenly pulling him to a stop with her hand dipping into his jeans. He gasped in shock, unable to even grab her wrist and yank her hand away due to the surprise of the moment, and all he could really do was stare and pray her hand didn’t sneak any lower. It didn’t though; the back of her fingers merely grazed lightly along the skin of his lower stomach, and over the light trail of hair that lead down from his navel. He gulped in a mixture of fear and arousal, casting glances to the side to ensure no one could see or hear them, before returning his eyes down to where her hands were torturing him.

Karen moved quickly though, slipping his phone from his pocket without a second thought, and kept her eyes on the screen without even flickering up to meet his gaze. And, for some odd reason, all Matt could do was watch in horror as she flicked through the texts, reading them out, one by one, as she recapped his decline into heavy, lust-clouded arousal the night before. He almost let out a groan at the memory, but forced himself to close his eyes and take a few deep breaths to settle his nerves, his heart, and his breathing. He had to stay focused and composed. Work depended on it. Finally, when he opened his eyes again, Karen’s gaze was on his, smirking at him victoriously, before slipping it into the fabric of her trench coat. Matt followed the movements lamely, swallowing thickly before clearing his throat. 

“Y-yeah,” he stammered in response eventually, Karen already a few steps ahead of him from where she’d begun walking. He breathed out a heavy sigh, sorting out the front of his jeans again and straightening out his shirt and coat before following after her. Matt didn’t even have the guts to make a comeback at that point as he caught up to her, either. The ball was in his court now, Karen waiting patiently for him to strike. But, maybe, it would be safer to keep her waiting all day, and wait until after work - when it was safe. She’d most likely leave him alone if she was anticipating attack on set, and that was his only potential advantage to save himself for now.

He was so easy at times. It was something she had never been aware of until recently. He had always had that smug grin, those teasing remarks, that cocky attitude with that ego to match. It was frustrating how easy and fluid it was for him, letting that comment fall from his lips with such effortless ease, the ones that left her muttering and glaring and huffing in his footsteps. It had always been his, leaving her in an irritated huff when he’d caught her off, when he’d passed right by her without a second glance because he was more than aware that he could. With maybe a subtle touch, or possibly a victorious grin, but most often that tormenting comment shot most certainly in her direction, Matt had never really needed to put much effort into it. It always just came like that, with her rolling her eyes or pouting in defeat. That’s how it had been.

Now, though, there were times, instances that she had never been given, in which those triumphant glances and cocky grins were plastered across her own expression. When a gasp fell from his lips or his light eyes had grown twice their size. When she’d be able to feel the stuttering of his heart beneath his chest or the restraint in his muscles. And it was those precise instances in which she had a bit of an understanding on it. Why he so often liked the winning end of those jabs and quips, why those sudden and bold movements gave him such an infuriatingly beaming grin.

She was doing little to hide the beaming grin from her lips then, if she were completely honest. And frankly, she didn’t even want to. There was a part of her that wanted him to know he didn’t have it so entirely in the bag as he once had. That maybe she could rile him up just as completely as he could her. That perhaps they were on equal playing field now. And she really quite liked that. Maybe more than she should have let herself. But, either way, she imagined he quite got the idea in the middle of that abandoned corridor, her touches moving gradually against him in between a tension and heat that had become far more common in recent events. And she was almost sure even he was unsure whether he wanted to shrug her off or grasp her closer.

She didn’t make that particular move, though. She could’ve. She could have very well had her lips burning against his within seconds (and she was probably right in thinking it would have been as infuriatingly hot and breathless as previously) but her sights were set on something else at that moment. Her fair knuckles which had been dragging against the skin of his hip bones peeled away from the contact, her fingers greedily slipping into his pockets until she’d revealed the mobile he’d hurriedly stuffed into his trousers. As her hand pulled out of his pocket, her smile was made of innocence, littered with a victory she had even yet to acquire.

And so she went, tilting her head as her finger flicked across the screen of his phone without a care in the world, her intent perhaps becoming clearer, or easily becoming even more foggy. Her fingertip scrolled up the texts from last night, littered with innuendos and suggestions and photos and hopes and videos that would certainly need to be deleted. She began listing off every text or so, ignoring the fair few that didn’t make sense, not even bothering to read her own. She was sure he remembered those. Her smile never wavered though, just as steady as her continuing voice drifting from her throat as she listed off his texts, her voice hitched with purpose when she so saw fit.

Her eyes only flickered back up to his went she’d reached the bottom again, the last few he had sent went unanswered when she hadn’t gotten back to him. Inquiring and a little bit desperate, but she’d already been on the way to his flat. She clicked her tongue as her vision fell back onto him, taking in giddy pride at his expression. He could very well say it, but they both knew the moment she’d stepped into his flat that being drunk had nothing to do with the moans and grunts and screams that had so consistently drifted through his flat in the last hours.

She didn’t expect a whole arsenal of payback. Not then. She knew better than that. He’d get her back whenever he would, whenever he could (at that point in time she wasn’t sure he’d even be able to) and their back and forth would be as evident as ever. Instead, she slipped his phone beneath her trench coat as easily as it had been her own. She gave him another flickering smile before she’d sauntered off again, his footsteps only following a moment or so later. Still, though, teasing was always fun. Even when it was the nonchalant, verbal kind. “So, slave, hm?” There was a wicked grin that she was still unable to keep from her lips entirely. It flickered on and off of her expression occasionally, though much more on than off. “Anything, anywhere, any time I want. That should be fun.”

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Morning Messes.


It was a real mystery to Matt, trying to figure out how and when and where and why Karen had managed to find this strange surge of confident swagger. She’d never really had it before - though she wasn’t shy, by any account - but since they’d kissed on the sofa only a few days ago, it was as if she was a new person. Well, sort of. She was still silly, clumsy, best-mate Kazza with the moonface and legs that went on for miles, but she had a new vibrance to her. And, in honesty, Matt took a little pride in the fact that he’d seemingly given her it. Maybe that was it, though. Maybe all she needed was to know that he - the bloke who’d tormented her and teased her for the best part of three years - did actually, genuinely find her attractive.

As always though, he didn’t like to dwell on the facts, and escaping to the lounge away from her eager lips and teasing hands seemed his best option for now. His shirt was a little skewed from where her hands and fingers had tugged and moved across the fabric, and he had to give it a few light pulls around the collar and the hem to straighten it out slightly. He waited until he’d at least sat down on the sofa before even trying to sort out his hair, but surprisingly, it only took a few drags through with his hand before it somewhat naturally fell into his signature, messy fringe. It’s untidiness helped though. If he used hair gel or wax on a regular basis, he’d need at least another ten minutes in the bathroom to sort it.

The brief moments away from Karen weren’t taken for granted, though. Matt settled into the sofa quickly, hoping to relax and let his guard down a little to begin to get himself in the mindset for work. Having conflicting thoughts about Karen and her hair, and her legs, and her eyes, and her lips, and her everything else… well, they wouldn’t do him any good when he had to work with her all day. Especially when a few scenes required them to be very much touchy-feely and in one another’s personal space. Over the two or three days he’d had to adapt to their new dynamic in the relationship, he’d learn that calming himself down a bit definitely helped to keeping up a professional act. And if they were going to keep this arrangement behind closed doors, professionalism is what they desperately needed on set.

He only got five minutes of relaxation though, and all too soon Karen had returned to the lounge. Her voice shocked him a little at first, having not expected it so soon, and he whirled around quickly with wide eyes to look at her. Matt breathed a sigh of relief after the initial shock though, exhaling heavily, before pushing himself up onto his feet. Karen looked decently-dressed enough, and if the makeup girls caught a glimpse of her before she got to her trailer, then at least they wouldn’t suspect anything. Except, maybe, Karen’s odd taste in trench coats; but then again, her fashion sense was nothing new to the crew anymore. Matt chuckled at her light-hearted comments, raising his eyebrows in momentary surprise at her mention of the first time they’d met. He could still remember it like it was yesterday, and he gave her a knowing smirk because of it.

“That’s your fault for being so desperate to fuck me,” he laughed as they stepped out of his flat, Matt pausing momentarily outside to lock the door and shove the key back into his jacket pocket. “If you’d have been patient and dressed yourself, we wouldn’t have this problem,” he smirked, his eyes skimming down her body in subtle reference to her lack of clothing, before meeting her gaze again as they walked. The car would probably be parked outside already, waiting for them, and by Matt’s watch, they were even a minute or two early. After the morning’s excitement, that was at least his first achievement of the  day.

Karen appeared in the doorway, a light smile on her lips, leaning slightly against the frame of the archway as her eyes fell on him. He didn’t notice her at first, only when her voice drifted across the flat did his eyes fall onto her in something of surprise. She kept on, musing for a moment with a fond smile across her lips. He gave a light chuckle in response, his surprised expression turning into… well, she wasn’t sure, exactly. Wistful and fond, perhaps. It was good, she thought. Good in the way that, after a hand job and a blow job and a shag and whatever the Hell else they had done within the last twenty four hours, that part of them was still there, was still very much prominent. He could shag her and still tease her relentlessly (in the way that didn’t make her want to throw him against a wall and do some very unprofessional things to him) and she’d never been more thankful for that.

Her eyes watched him closely for a moment as he moved to get up from the sofa, noticing that the back of his shirt as he turned had been untucked in a slightly obvious way. She chuckled lightly, reminding herself not to forget if he didn’t bother to put his coat on at some point. She followed in his footsteps though, quickly slipping into the shoes that had been strewn across the floor the night before, and catching up with him when either of them slipped out of the flat. It seemed he hadn’t quite finished their conversation though, and she glared at the back of his head as he shoved the key into the door’s lock. She huffed, her lips pursing into a thin line, the muscles in her chest and stomach tensing. And the fleeting thought that popped into her head appeared, and she knew he’d probably scold her like a professor (which she had yet to decide would be a good or bad thing) but really, he had started it.

"Hm, is that so?" The tone in her voice was neither defensive or stubborn like he might have expected. Instead, her voice had a particular drawl to it, her words purred with a hint of a seductive tone to them that she had come to learn drew a shiver down his spine. Her lips had curved into a teasing smirk, her eyes darkening as they caught his own. She could see the hesitation in his eyes. With good reason, too. They’d passed those doors, and though not a single other person could be seen in the corridor, for all intents and purposes, they were out in the open. And frankly, she’d be lying if she said that wasn’t incredibly tempting.

Either way, she wasted no time, licking her lips purely for good measure before reaching an arm out, and without shame, a finger curved over the top of his trousers, her finger slipping beneath the hem, grazing against the muscles of his lower stomach. And with her smirk widening the smallest bit, with one smooth motion she had tugged him closer, his hips pressed flush against her own as he stumbled forward in surprise. She bit her lip, reveling in the look on his face at that particular moment. The smug look on her face turned into an innocent one instantaneously. Her finger slipped away from the heat of his skin, gradually slipping into his front pocket, grasping his mobile securely hidden in the pocket and tugging it out. Her eyes flickered from his then, down to the screen as she tapped at the screen a few times (he really should have known better than to tell her the key) until their text messages showed up on the screen. “What’s this then?” She smirked.

'What will it take for me to get you out of your underwear?'

'Cock-tease. Pllleeeassseeee? C'mon, what do you want me to do? Send you nudes? Give you a massage at lunch tomorrow? Be your slave for a week?' Ooh, almost forgot about that. You’re my man-slave, aren’t you?”

'Show me yours and I'll show you mine.'

'Wanna see your face, Kaz. And your tits.'

'Your fucking fault. Get over here and sort it out.'

Karen wore a broad smirk across her lips as she read off the texts he’d sent her, an impossibly smug expression crossing over her face, more cocky with each text as she listed them off aloud. Her eyes flitted away from the touch screen to his own again, tilting her head to the side and grinning at him. She bit her lip lightly for a moment, clicking her tongue before speaking up. “You’re right. I was absolutely the only one aiming for anything last night.” She finished with a smirk, batting her eyelashes in a gesture of innocence as her grip tightened on his phone. And instead of doing the nice, proper thing and handing it back, she merely smirked, slipping it beneath the fabric of her trench coat. “C’mon, don’t want to be late.” She said suddenly, her voice far too cheery and her grin much too teasing.

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Morning Messes.


Despite the years they’d known each other - years to work out how Karen responded and acted and thought and worked - and the days he’d had to adjust to this new, exciting, sexual side of her, Karen could still catch Matt terribly off guard at the worst of times, and manipulate that to the best of her advantage. Before (as in, before the sex had started being a regular thing), it was easy to push her off course and take over the situation without much effort, but recently, she’d found her footing. Even something as simple as grabbing him to pull him into a kiss shocked him; somewhere, deep down, he supposed he still thought of her as silly-best-mate-Kaz, the same one who wasn’t capable of things like that.

Still, he didn’t give up without a fight. He kissed her back gradually, feeling himself lean into the kiss and his hands shift from flailing aimlessly at his sides to gripping Karen’s hips to hold her close. Her hands wound up into his hair, no doubt raking it into a complete mess again that he’d have to tame later on when she’d let him go, and he gave a soft groan into her mouth, letting his tongue skim along her lower lip. He wasn’t even aware that he’d done it until her tongue was grazing its way into his mouth moments later, and he responded as though it were the most natural thing in the world: hands gripping her hips tighter and sighing in eager contentment. 

But then her hands were slipping from his hair, her nails scraping the skin at the back of his neck to send a shiver shooting down his spine, before eventually coming to rest at his chest. He knew instantly what she was intending to do, and gave a muffled sound of disapproval, attempting to press himself further into the kiss to keep her lips against his. She beat him to it though, shoving at his chest just enough to separate their mouths, and his momentary lapse of shock was enough for the moment to diminish beyond reach. Karen merely gave him a smug smirk, raising a curious eyebrow as he stood in silence, and it took a few moments before he could even remotely babble out something of a reply. He could feel the beginnings of a blush begin to creep up his neck, and quickly turned and darted out of the bathroom before it could become evident on his cheeks.

Having time to himself in the lounge whilst he waited for her certainly helped, at least. Admittedly, he’d rather be back in the bathroom kissing the breath out of her for as long as physically possible, but if he wasn’t allowed to do that, then distancing himself from Karen for at least a few minutes was always going to be beneficial. Matt took a few deep breaths, closing his eyes, and relaxed into the sofa slightly to take his mind off of Karen, and instead focused on the work day ahead and the scenes they’d have to film. They’d have the actual Daleks in today, meaning they’d be able to film the bits in the Council room along with a huge green screen standing in for a few hundred more Daleks. Arthur would be off with the older, classic ones on the set they’d been on yesterday, and if they had time, Matt was keen to go down to see them.

For now though, he just had to focus on actually getting to work, on time, and without Karen’s distractions. Her voice from the doorway startled him a little, forcing him to glance quickly over his shoulder at the source, and he gave a heavy sigh when he realised it was her. “Hey,” he chuckled coyly, taking another deep breath before standing up. To say she only had his t-shirt and her underwear on underneath the coat, she looked fairly decent, and at least appropriate enough to dash off to her trailer to change properly when they got to set without looking suspicious. “Ready to go?” Matt asked, grabbing his own coat from the hooks by the door, and sliding it on his arms as he awaited her answer.

Though she never spoke the words, never let the thoughts in her head become anything more than just that, she quite liked it - enjoyed it, even. Knowing something so simple as a kiss could have him relinquishing that slight control that he often took ahold of before she could grasp at it again, that she could affect him in at least some way. It was… exciting. It drew out emotions from her that made her heart enthusiastically skip in her chest and her skin to warm despite the temperature in the room. She liked it, that in some way while they were still a pair of silly, stupid idiots, perhaps she could be more to him if she chose.

Like right then, when her hands eventually found a proper grasp on him, so close she could feel his own heartbeat against hers, and after that initial shock had passed in which his muscles grew tense and his actions were stunned, she could feel that submission gradually become more evident. She didn’t waste a moment, her fingernails scratching lightly over his skin, eager sighs and moans slipped passed her lips to be swallowed by his own.

It didn’t take long though, as expected, to feel his own reactions. He tugged her frame closer as his arms curved at her waist, pulling her closer to be pressed flush against him, his grip gradually grasping her more securely by the second. It was something she would be incredibly stupid to ever want or think of pulling away from, but Karen would be the first to tell you she had her moments, and perhaps she liked tormenting him a little bit more than she should. For the moment, though, the feel of him against her was something she’d revel in for a few moments more. And she let herself do so freely, because hell, she wasn’t that stupid. Her lips parted, swollen against his mouth and his tongue and his touch, only a moment before her tongue had slipped passed his own, a soft, eager noise coming from either of them.

But they were pulling and pushing against each other now; his hands and her nails, his lips and her hips. He had her, in every sense of the word, his hands gripping at her hips to press her closer whilst her own hands gradually dragged up the curve of his spine, fingernails scraping against his skin occasionally until they’d weaved into his hair, tugging and pulling through the dark strands. And, even if the games disappeared and it was just that odd sense of desire that she still wasn’t entirely used to, she couldn’t ever have him thinking it, even if it might have been true. She moaned quietly against his mouth, her hands moving leisurely as they fell from his hair, dancing lightly over his skin as her fingertips crawled over the lines of his shoulder blades and the muscles of his chest.

His hands gripped her tighter instantly, a disapproving groan falling passed his lips as her palms rested against his chest. And for the shortest of moments, the briefest of seconds, she let him. She let him draw every last possible groan and kiss and touch, her breath hitching somewhere in her throat, because even now, after a morning blow job in the shower, he still wanted her, and admittedly, it felt odd and mad and fantastic all at once. But she didn’t muse on this long, her hands eventually pushing lightly on his chest, just enough to feel him stumbling back the slightest bit, to feel their lips part and his hands falling away from her hips. He looked baffled for a moment, as though confused as to why she wasn’t still tangled up against him. She managed a smirk, reveling in that look of utter shock, raising an eyebrow pointedly. His eyes seemed unable to hold her gaze then, and after a few moments, he’d muttered something that made no sense before stumbling out of the bathroom, and the smirk hadn’t left.

And, after a few more tugs and pulls at her hair, she was following in those footsteps, though in the opposite direction. She’d padded back into the bedroom, his shirt already hanging loosely at her sides, briefly bending down to pick up what was the last of her things. Her trench coat had become a bit of a wrinkled mess on the floor after the night before, brushing her hands over it to smooth it out as much as possible, but it likely wouldn’t have been too evident anyway. She tugged the material on over her slight lack of clothing, slipping either arm into the sleeves and smoothing it over her curves before grasping at the belt that hung limply passed the hem of the material. She tied it against her waist, tight enough to stay in it’s place, though hopefully not tight enough to drag the fabric any more over her thighs. Hopefully it wouldn’t be too out of the ordinary, and if anyone did happen to see her, she imagined she could always try and use the excuse that she hadn’t done laundry in a while.

After deciding that this would have to do until she got back to her trailer, she slipped back out of the bedroom, only then turning to notice the tangled sheets of his bed hanging halfway off the mattress. She smirked slightly, disappearing down the corridor, her feet stepping quietly down the hall until she’d reached the end, her eyes falling onto him on the sofa. She grinned lightly, murmuring after a moment, noticing his slight surprise as he quickly glanced over his shoulder at her. “You know, I feel a bit like when we first met in casting. Though, then I wasn’t wearing the shirt underneath.” She remarked nonchalantly, smirking triumphantly at the look he gave her. She chuckled lightly, shrugging her shoulders as she shuffled over to the forgotten shoes - the tall and uncomfortable kind - that she’d kicked off the night before. “Not like I have any more clothes to put on.” She replied truthfully, gradually following in his footsteps.

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Morning Messes.


It was somewhat calming to stand in the bathroom for a few seconds, his arms tucked around her bare waist amidst her getting ready. Karen’s hair was still streaked with moisture from the shower, her attempts to comb the water from it only half-successful, but it wasn’t as if she had any clothing to get wet. One of his shirts was obviously now hanging haphazardly over her shoulder, but providing she didn’t tilt her head too far to the side, the fabric would remain primarily dry and unaffected by the drips from her hair. But either way, the few moments silence as he stood behind her were a welcomed lull from the constant bickering between them, and he let his chin prop up on her shoulder for the time being.

After pressing a soft kiss to her skin and breathing a reminder of how long they had left though, Matt pulled away, giving her a fond smile in the mirror and ensuring she met it in her eye-line before he moved away completely to head out of the bathroom. Karen moved quicker though, catching him off-guard. He’d been half-set in the mood for being rather well behaved on set today, feeling properly revived from sleep and awake enough to function happily and healthily, but her quick-witted movements and instant actions were beginning to force the mischievous mindset upon him.

Her lips were on his in seconds, prising them open slowly and almost effortlessly for her tongue to slip through before his eyes had even flickered closed. His hands flailed at his sides for a few moments, still in slight shock from the initial tug-around from his direction of the doorway in favour of standing in front of Karen, before eventually settling at her hips for something to hold onto as he began responding. One of Karen’s own hands had slipped up into his hair, carding her fingers through it with a fondness he’d grown accustomed to, and the gestures forced a quiet purr in his throat to resonate into the kiss.

He felt her hand at his chest a few moments later though, and held onto her hips a little tighter in slight protest until she shoved him back slightly. His mouth parted slightly in shocked confusion, a little dazed from the initial surprise, and now again at having lost the contact so soon. Karen smirked at him, raising her eyebrow incredulously in a mocking expression, and Matt didn’t even have it in him to scowl or protest. Her smug air remained that way, and all he could do was stammer out something of a distorted, muddled bunch of words in an attempt of a sentence. She didn’t even seem fazed, merely shaking her head as he tripped over his feet as he backed out of the bathroom.

Matt escaped to the lounge with a small amount of difficulty, eventually emerging into the room and collapsing down onto the sofa for his own safety. Karen was still in the bathroom getting changed into what he assumed would be his shirt, and then it would be up to her if she braved wearing nothing but the trench coat on top or at least grabbed some of his underwear from his room. He wouldn’t suggest it - he probably wouldn’t even have to. If she wanted to, she’d simply go grab a pair without even asking him permission (he’d have every right to take them off her himself later on, then). He pushed himself to at least sit up on the sofa then, running a hand through his hair to tame it again slightly after Karen’s hands, and waited patiently for her to return from getting dressed.

Eventually, Karen’s fingers were dragging through her hair, tugging gently to rid the rest of the tangles in her damp hair. Though she didn’t have a massive amount of hair atop her head, she highly doubted it would be anywhere near dry by the time she’d arrive at work. Luckily it wasn’t too rare for Karen to show up with her hair thrown up and little to no makeup on. Less work for the makeup girls, anyway. Still, though, the less suspicious the better, which was why she had to at least do something with the mangled strands of damp ginger hair. Though, as Matt re-emerged into the bathroom, quietly sneaking up behind her to rest a shirt over her shoulder and standing in the exact opposite position they had been in minutes ago, it was a bit distracting. His fingers grazed her skin, his arms circling over her hips. Her hands were still running through her hair, gently tugging and pulling at it. His chin propping up on her opposite shoulder blade didn’t help though, merely obstructing the attempts.

His lips brushing against her skin certainly didn’t help much either, breath ghosting across and tingling her skin in a way that had become all too familiar. Her hand had fallen away from her hair briefly, her fingernails digging lightly into the skin of her palm as a shiver ran down her spine unwittingly. Her eyes averted from the mirror for a moment, biting her tongue gently. Though she’d never outwardly voice the thoughts, it was still a bit odd, looking at the reflection that the mirror showed; him and her. She didn’t muse over it for long, feeling him pull his lips away from her skin the slightest bit to murmur something near her ear. She wasn’t sure what at first, his words only drifting into her ears after a few seconds. It came to her after a moment, her eyes falling back to the mirror to catch his gaze for a moment.

Her eyes caught the reflection of his own and she found that the smug smirk she so often found herself looking at across his lips had fallen onto her own, tugging at the corners of her mouth. And as his hands slipped away from her waist, his breath no longer ghosting across her skin, she felt it brightening a bit. And without much thought process, she’d turned on her heels, her fingers grasping at the shirt over her shoulder and tossing it across the bathroom counter until she’d faced him again. She bit back the grin, watching him nearly slip out before her arms had slipped around his back, affectively tugging him forward and smirking at the surprise across his face for a brief moment before her lips had collided with his.

Though the smirk didn’t entirely slip from her lips, an acknowledging groan quietly escaped her throat as he fell against her in something of a relinquishing surprise. Her chin tilted forward, her fingertips grazing up his spine, dancing over his skin until her fingers were weaving through the strands of hair at his neck, raking through his hair purely (or mostly) for knowing he’d have to tame it down all over again. Her tongue had slipped passed her lips, grazing against his own, until he (likely unknowingly) relented, his lips falling open. After the apparent shock of her sudden advances, he’d responded within seconds, his hands gripping her hips lightly, pulling her impossibly closer.

She nearly stayed right there, his touch drawing over her skin and his lips moving eagerly against her own, until she’d felt the noise of approval against her own lips, and she found she wanted to irritate and confuse him a little bit more. Her hands gradually moved, slowly but surely, over his shoulders and resting for several seconds against his chest. She smirked against his lips as he voiced his refusal as he gripped her hips a little tighter, his fingertips pressing into her skin. She pressed several individual kisses to his lips as she pressed her palm lightly against his chest, smirking as her chest rose and fell as her lips eventually fell away from his own.

She bit her bottom lip, already slightly swollen due to his own inviting lips, raising her eyebrows at his stunned expression, his eyes wide and his lips forming into failed attempts of words. She smirked, her eyes lingering on him for another short second before she’d turned back around to the mirror, as though nothing had happened at all. Her eyes still watched him in the mirror, still attempting to voice some coherent sentence or excuse before ducking his head, apparently giving up, and shuffling out of the bathroom. She chuckled lightly when he was out of ear shot. And after running a hand through her hair a few more times, she grasped for the forgotten shirt across the counter.

The hem grazed just above her thighs, resting limply and a little loosely over her chest and stomach. She gave another glance in the mirror, only just noticing that the smirk over her lips had yet to fade, before realising she was still a bit restricted on time. She pulled herself away from the counter, slipping passed the slightly ajar door, letting it close shut behind her before she disappeared into his bedroom again. The last of her clothing had been resting in a pile on the floor since the night before, utterly and completely forgotten until sometime that morning. She bent down, her fingers smoothing over the fabric somewhat before slipping her arms through the sleeves. Her hands pulled at the material, smoothing it against her curves before pulling the tie around her waist.

Bereft of a full-length mirror in his bedroom, she decided that would at least have to do until she could slip back into her trailer. And, given her typical sense of style, it would probably (hopefully) just seem as though she had been wearing a dress or something equally as short underneath the coat. Long as the makeup or wardrobe girls didn’t get a glance of her, she imagined no one would bother ask. So she ducked out of the bedroom as well, her bare feet padding against the floor quietly down the corridor, reaching the lounge shortly and resting against the doorway, biting back the smirk still across her lips. “Hi.” She grinned, noting he hadn’t even noticed her until she spoke up.

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Morning Messes.


As always, even after the two half-rounds of sex and the ten minutes or so recovery time afterwards, there was still a ridiculous amount of sexual tension between them as Karen emerged into the bathroom again. Had it always been there, though? Honestly, Matt wasn’t that sure. Of course, he’d always thought Karen was an attractive woman - any sane man (or even woman) knew that - and they had a light, flirtatious taunting streak playing between them, but never as strong as that. Maybe it was just because he knew what he could get out of it now that made the tug back towards her so noticeable. Maybe. Or maybe he’d just been terribly numb to the pull before.

Then again, having her slender arms looped around his waist for the sheer pleasure of her torturing him may have also made that pull a little bit more prominent. Her teasing kisses and licks to the shell of his ear and the dip beneath it had him shuddering uncontrollably, the spot seeming extremely warm compared to the chill along the rest of his skin. Thankfully (or, not so, in the back of his mind), she didn’t let the torment linger for too long, and merely gave him a few more light, teasing touches and whispers before stepping away with a smug twirl to collect the rest of her underwear.

Matt opted to escape then, after passing a few playful jibes between her for several moments as he walked through to the bedroom. He liked that - that their easy banter had remained, despite the apparent awkwardness that usually came after any sort of sex with anyone - and he wouldn’t have wanted to lose that ease for a second. Separating himself from Karen for a few minutes to change though were a Godsend. She did drive him slightly mad, his heart was hammering by now in his ribs, and his breath was more than a little out of sync. 

He pulled his clothes on with relative ease: nothing too fiddly or tricky to take on or off for when he got to work. He only really got dressed in a morning and after work for the sake of public decency, otherwise he’d honestly quite happily head to set naked. He tended not to see anyone anyway until he was in costume, so it wasn’t like anyone would object. Finishing with a quick stretch to work the rest of the fatigue out of his limbs, he bent back down to his wardrobe drawers to grab a shirt for Karen to wear - to at least spare her going into work in a suspicious trench coat covering her knickers and bra.

Returning to the bathroom, however, was a complete new challenge on its own. Throwing the shirt across her shoulder and giving her something of an affectionate time-reminder was one thing - sparing the playful retorts and potential pokes and tickles to her exposed sides - but having to acknowledge, react, and stay on the top of his game whilst she pulled him into a sudden kiss was another. Their relationship was odd in that sense. They weren’t a couple. And, for the foreseeable future, weren’t going to be. But the playful kisses and occasional cuddles (especially post-sex) were far too common to be considered ‘sex benefits’. But they never had played by the book, and he didn’t have enough protest in him to bring it up.

She pushed him away lightly, eventually. He stumbled back with a slight bewildered look about him - his lips pouted in brief confusion and his gaze a little unfocused as to why she’d stopped kissing him so soon. Her smirk snapped him out of his daze though, forcing him to shake his head to anchor him back to reality, and he cleared his throat to get himself back in check. “Right, then. Ten minutes. Ah… yes. Okay. Good!” he stumbled, avoiding her eye and giving something of a bashful grin before escaping off to the lounge with a blush to his cheeks.

Karen hummed lightly with a grin plastered over her lips as her arms curved around him, her lips grazing over his skin, her fingertips dragging over his hips until she found the soft fabric of the towel hanging limply from his waist. It was all too enjoyable, the way his muscles contracted against her touch, how she could feel the tension in his jaw as her lips brushed over his skin. She wasn’t exactly sure when those things had become something of an amusement for her, when the reactions of her touches and kisses were something she could go out of her way to find.

The moment when all that changed would have been impossible to pinpoint. The change from teasing slaps and pushes to gasping touches and kisses hadn’t entirely been in one passing second, and the line between them seemed only to blur over the time that passed. When she went from shoving him off the sofa to leaning over him with her lips grazing against his simply to shut him up couldn’t really be distinguished, but she couldn’t exactly deny it was just as enjoyable. Whether in a kitchen or a bedroom or a trailer, on a sofa or a bed or God knows where else, neither of them could really say. Then again, in those passing moments when their laughing and teasing and smirking surpassed any boundaries or lines that might have been deemed for platonic friendship, she couldn’t really be bothered to care with the when or where.

And with the occasionally prominent shiver or twitch as she leant against him with little (or, well, none whatsoever) clothing, it didn’t really matter, because she enjoyed it maybe a little too much. Though after years of him, being able to sneak up on him within seconds was a well earned right, she thought. Or she took it as one, anyway. With an inevitable grin spread across her lips, she nipped gently at his earlobe, smirking slightly as her fingertips slipped underneath the towel at his hips briefly. Her teeth grazed over his skin lightly before she was murmuring into his ear, teasing and taunting jabs leaving her lips with a bit of a seductive tone purely to unnerve him further. She bit back a chuckle, leaving a final kiss to his skin before she was pulling away, her lips and fingers and all the rest of her leaving him as though she hadn’t been within inches of him.

She pulled away with a smug grin, giving one last pointed look to him in the mirror, which she was almost positive he didn’t notice anyway, before she twirled on her heels, bending down to collect her belongings as though she were completely innocent. She stood up again, slipping her arms through the straps of her bra, merely smirking at the jabs he threw back at her, responding back to him with a renewed energy. Though, as expected, it didn’t take long before he was shuffling out of the bathroom, and she was left chuckling to herself as she slipped on the remaining article of clothing she had left.

She took her time as she shuffled over to the sink in the spot he’d been standing, dragging her fingers through her hair as she glanced at her own reflection. Even unbeknownst to herself there was still a light smirk tugging at the corners of her lips. She didn’t linger too long on that, lazily busying herself with the task of looking as unsuspecting as possible. It would be best for everyone if she didn’t show up on set looking like… well, looking like she’d done the exact things she’d gotten away with yesterday. The footsteps padding against the floor again gave him away as he quietly made his way back into the bathroom. She didn’t give him much mind at first, her focus on looking as she did on most days swaying as he dropped a shirt over her and his lips brushing lightly against her shoulder blade.

And he would have been gone in seconds if she hadn’t whirled around, discarding the shirt against the counter, her hands returning to his skin as she tugged him closer. Her lips had returned to his own within seconds, letting herself relax against him into what was at first a lazy kiss. Her lips moved against his though, quickly and heatedly and in a way that made her heart race a little bit faster. And, as expected, he seemed a bit at a loss, unsure of what had happened or what to do. Her fingers had curled into his hair, tugging lightly and purely making a mess of it before they slid back down over his neck, the gradual movements mimicking the small, lingering kisses she left against his lips before pulling away, pushing gently at his chest.

His expression as her eyes flickered onto his face left her with nothing but pure delight, and could not be described as anything but confusion, as though he wasn’t quite sure it had happened at all. She murmured one last teasing remark, a bright smirk spreading across her lips. And then he was mumbling something, things that didn’t make complete sense, and she took pride in the fact that he seemed unable to look her in the eye again. And then he was shuffling away, disappearing behind the doorway and she barely refrained from chuckling proudly. She turned back to the mirror, tugging at her hair a few times before grasping at the shirt he’d left behind, slipping into it despite it hanging a bit loosely at her sides. She took another glance in the mirror with a smirk. Karen had a feeling today would be all too fun. She turned on her heels and followed in his footsteps, slipping passed the door and disappearing.